Dr John R.W. Stott 1921-2021 Anniversary event, Monday 19 April 2021

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Video conference organised by the Fellowship of European Evangelical Theologians (FEET) at 2.00–5.00pm (Continental Time; 3.00–6.00pm Eastern European Time, 1.00–4.00pm GMT)


Welcome by the Chairman of FEET, Professor Gert Kwakkel

Who was John Stott? (video)

Presentation by Dr Christopher J.H. Wright, International Ministries Director of the Langham Partnership

The Holy Spirit and Scripture (1 Corinthians 2:6-16); video recording of a paper given by Stott at the 1996 FEET Conference


Personal impressions of the life of John Stott by Dr Tatiana Kopaleishvili and Dr Pavel Černý

The Theology of John Stott: presentation by Professor Henri Blocher

Announcements: Stott’s bibliography and offer of his books

Closure by Professor Kwakkel

Dr. John R. W. Stott